3 things you might do wrong with your Content Marketing strategy


1. You create content about something nobody cares about

You need to make people interested. Maybe it’s not the right move to concentrate on a subject that only you as company thinks is important. Instead focus on a subject that engage the target group you would like to communicate with. For example, If you are a energy company. Don’t focus on your latest invention/product. Focus on subjects like sustainability, environment etcetera. Topics your target group are interested in, that’s why they buy your energy solutions.


2. Your expectations are too high

Content Marketing isn’t about creating occasional content and think it’s going to be a success. You need to invest for a longer time span. If you work continuously with engaging content and tailored distribution the rest will come.


3. You don’t focus on the distribution

”Content is king, distribution is queen”. This is a phrase that has been used a lot. But in our opinion it’s not quite accurate. Distribution has been much more important in todays media landscape. You have thousands of platforms to advertise on, and the readers today consumes content and ads differently. Everybody can create engaging content, but to get people to read it is the key. That’s why cross media, and being visual on different platforms, is so important these days.