3 Ways to Convince Brands to Tell Real Stories

Do you ever deal with clients — brands — who want to do native advertising and branded videos that focus just a little too much on themselves? Then you’re not the only one.
Agencies and publisher native ad studios around the world meet the same problem.
Brands are so used to talking about themselves, so used to talk about their pricing and their flavors. Brands are not used to getting outside their comfort zone and being honest and transparent with their audience. So the biggest challenge is helping them walk over that line to create content that maybe isn’t such a hard sell but it’s really going to resonate with their audience.


1. Flaunt the successful stories

The best wayto convince clients to tell real stories is by showing examples of how some of the more successful clients told a story that informs and entertains while still leaving the marketing impression the client desires. Then you can back that up with data to show how much more effective that approach proves to be.


2. Explain how native works
Native advertising is not for everyone. If you have a performance campaign where you want to generate leads or sales, then probably native advertising is not the right format for you. If you think in terms of the AIDA funnel (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, ed.), we are more at awareness and ‘Interest’ side of things, we are not at ‘Action’.
That’s something you need to tell the customers. Whenever they want an action, they should do a Digital Native, for example. Try to identify customers that are looking for brand awareness and that want to have certain topics related to them.


3. You are the expert – insist on it
Often advertisers will come to you and try and say, “we want you to write this”. Try to resist that because they’re employing you because you’re meant to be the experts. You’re meant to know what you’re doing and if they didn’t need you, they would just be doing it themselves.
So you got to have the confidence to try and ensure that you get past what they think they want to say and ask them what they are trying to achieve? For example, they’re trying to achieve change in brand perception. Then we focus on that and then work with them to come up with a way that you can do that which doesn’t affect credibility, to make it more authentic, to make it work.