4 things that will play a role in Content Marketing for 2018/2019

The CMA did a survey to see what will be hot in Content Marketing for 2018/2019. The Content Studio has picked some of their favorites.

Brand Trust
Fake news is on everyone’s lips these days. What can you as a reader/consumer believe in? Brand trust has become more important than ever.
One way to get the trust back is to use journalists or editorial writers. This is something we have been doing on EMP since the beginning. We are glad that more companies understands the importance of great and authentic content.

“Brands will be looking to teams with the journalistic skills to deliver authentic, engaging, and – perhaps most importantly – trustworthy content that tells their story. Be it in-house or agency, the ability to harness those skills will be the difference between failure and success.”
George Theohari, Editorial Director at Speak Media

“Brands are also moving into the realm of journalism with the way they approach content, often using … journalists to produce their content.”
Shaun Hill of iProspect

Images and video
Video and images are still very important and will play a major role in Content Marketing in the future. That is why we work with editorial images and not commercial. Infographic is part of images and something The Content Studio has worked with during the second part of Q2. This is something we will elaborate during Q3.

“Videos aren’t new, but they’re still one of the best ways to engage your audience. People are ten times more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on videos than blogs or social posts. They don’t need to be slick – smart phone footage can be edited and used across channels – but with 85% of videos viewed in silent mode, subtitles are a must.”
Amy Eckersley of The Marketing Pod

“In the second half of 2018, brands will become much more human in their marketing strategies. Their attention will move towards giving audiences a better insight into who they are, what they believe in and what they stand for. By telling the stories behind the brand and revealing a sense of personality – all communicated through a content marketing strategy with video at its heart – brands will gradually start winning back audience trust.”
Nick Hajdu, found of Navigate Video

Audio content strategies
Smart speakers, storytelling and pod’s are more popular than ever and is predicted to play a great role in Content Marketing for 2019. This is new territory for us but our Content Studio is planning on releasing a Content Marketing Pod during the end of 2018. Regarding the Smart speakers and SIRI-solutions. They are based on one thing. The written word. Which we have enormous amount of. So that is inspiring to see how we can work further with this new channel and solution.

Quality content
Once again the quality of the content is key. And also relevance. It’s better to reach 10 dedicated people than 10 000 that are not interested.

“Brands need to shift their focus from reach and engagement to quality connections. What’s ultimately more beneficial; creating a gif that’s seen by 10,000 people or surprising and delighting 5 followers and turning them into lifetime brand ambassadors? It may not be a strict ‘either/or’ scenario, but it’s becoming clear that brands who invest into the latter, are the ones winning on social.”
Leona Frank


“What we most certainly need more of is quite simply good content. Content that has to work. Work for the brand and work for the people who you are trying to reach. Because whatever cliche or buzzword or new tech is of the moment and “now”, one simple fact doesn’t change: there’s only so many hours in a day, and only so many eyes, ears and brains.”
Brendan Judge


It has to ”work for the brand/market and for the people who you are trying to reach.” Have you heard it before? This is something that comes natural for us at European Media Partner.

Thats one of the reasons we have been nominated for the best theme paper in Sweden two years in a row and this latest report from AD also confirms that.



And for the love of god – Print is not dead. (And if you don’t believe in god, believe in print)

This is why:
1. It is much easier to cut through the media cluster.
2. It is tangible
3. Print is part of a Cross media Campaign
4. Print is unbeatable as a show off
5. Print is the ”new” new.