7 marketing trends for 2019

This is a summary from Forbes and CoreDNA, with explanation from our Content Studio, when it comes to marketing trends for next year. As you can see Content Marketing and Native Advertising will increase together with quality and niched content.

1 – Brands Will Create More Super Niche Content/Sub-Brands
Why? We create so much content these days and it’s more important than ever to stand out.
One way of doing this is to create in-depth content and content for a smaller niche.
So, pretty much what we at European Media Partner do today.

2 – Changing Content Creation Process
Content Marketing is much more than writing or making videos and infographics. Now you need to really think about and focus on media publishing. Where, why and how. Different types of content for different messages.

3 – Native Advertising Will Grow Even Faster
86% of readers are okay with native ads, provided they are clearly labeled so.
Easy availability of high-quality inventory and increasing reader acceptance means that advertisers are more than willing to invest in native advertising.
According to Yahoo consumers are 25% more likely to look at native ads.

4 – People are putting more trust in others they know and reputable content, not ads
Ads have to be more relevant and valuable to the consumer. This is why we see more money going to content marketing, influencer marketing, referral partnerships, and other methods that are designed to deliver actual value to audiences.

5 – Creativity, not conformity, will set successful marketers apart
People have been saying for a long time that print is dead, but now companies that are creative use print to stand out. Print is the new ”new”.

6 – Understanding how your customers communicate is vital
Make a demand analysis to see what the customer needs. There are so many ways to communicate today. Themed supplements in print and engaged digital readers are great ways to reach your target group.

7 – Helpfulness and authenticity will combat relationships lost through tech and automation
Tech is a great way to help you reach your audience, but to make great content for Native advertising and Content Marketing products you need authenticity, creativity and quality from human writers.