Content marketing, done the Dutch way

There is one company in the Netherlands that has been leading the way with their content marketing strategy ever since 1954. And it’s a company that you’ll find on almost every street corner: your everyday supermarket, Albert Heijn.

In 1954 Albert Heijn started their print special Allerhande, a magazine full of recipes, interviews with chefs and inspiring articles about food. And those foods could of course be bought at Albert Heijn.


Over the years, Allerhande has become a massive platform that has the power to inspire and influence lots of Dutch citizens. They even introduce us to new foods, for example when they introduced the broccoli in their magazine in the seventies.

And of course, Allerhande too has gone crossmedia! Online, they share all the recipes they can find, and you can bet on it that if you search for a dish in Google in the Netherlands, an Allerhande recipe will pop up.

They also work a lot with videos, that are made in a simple, clean, no-nonsense (ergo, Dutch) manner. They show you techniques such as poaching an egg, tosti videos with a famous blogger, and complete step-by-step recipe videos.

Recently, they’ve also started making vlogs, that appeal to a younger audience and that have a rapidly increasing fanbase.

Interesting content, and a massive reach! That’s quality content marketing.

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