It’s getting personal with personalized marketing

Marketing experts know that personalized marketing is getting more and more important. A lot of people like getting personal with the brand, so they feel comfortable and trust the brand. In content-marketing we follow the strategy “Think like the client! Try to find out what they want and listen to their needs.”


In this article you can find out what mistakes you should avoid and how you can use personalized marketing in the right way.


First of all: Users like it personal! The personal aspect, like a personal greeting in an e-mail, is what we expect nowadays. Just like the recommendation of a product you might like, based on products you bought before. A study from 2019 says that 72% of the questioned people only pay attention to content if it’s personalized and based on their interests. 86% are concerned about the data protection though.


If you use the first name, make sure the information about the person is correct and the name is spelled right. For B2B it’s more important than for B2C because if you have huge clients with a lot of responsibility, you can’t be wrong with the name or job description here.


Next to that it’s important to know your target group. Some buyer personas are more likely to convince than others. For example, younger people think it’s normal to get personalized ads via Instagram or Facebook, while older users might react different to that.


You know your target group, so find out if they like the personal touch and how you should use it. But keep in mind: If there’s nothing to personalize, then don’t!