Great Native Advertising examples from Buzzfeed

Native advertising works best when the content matches perfectly with the look and feel of the editorial content surrounding it. One website that has truly understood this is Buzzfeed. Their content is usually funny and not to be taken too seriously. And their native ads are the same. Take a look at the following examples:

This post has a clearly defined audience, which gives it a touch of exclusivity. Jokes and memes though? Those are Buzzfeed’s core business.

Content that you can identify with and compare yourself to. All to promote HBO’s Girls.

This one makes it a lot clearer who it is that’s advertising. Every song/band mentioned in the article gets a Spotify player, but the article itself tells you nothing about the streaming platform, except for the fact that Led Zeppelin’s songs can now be streamed as well. Anyone interested in music in general and Led Zeppelin in particular will be drawn in because of this headline. And you can also bet on it that people will listen to the music in the streamers in order to compare songs (probably so they can bash the examples).

Another great one! Buzzfeed does a lot of these Expectation vs. Reality kinds of posts. Meaning that this article fits right in with their content once again. But it also raises your awareness to the dangers of sunbathing. Every other picture is either about sunburn, sunstroke, sweat or dry skin. The article is sponsored by Cancer Research UK, and obviously fits with brand and publisher.


Last of all, all these articles have clear labels at the top of the page. First of all, it is stated that these articles are ‘Paid posts’, and secondly the ‘brand publisher’ is mentioned. Making it clear that these are native advertisements rather than editorial articles.


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