High acceptance of print advertising

Print advertising is perceived as very useful, and hardly ever as annoying. Advertising on TV and the internet, however, does annoy many users.

In a recent survey on the acceptance of advertising forms, Print scores best. 63 percent of those polled by the market research institute Imas International attest to high-value advertising. Only TV advertising is considered more useful with 69 percent approval – but almost as many users (66 percent) of television advertising state that it annoys them.

In contrast, only 23 percent feel disturbed by advertising in the newspaper.


Low acceptance of digital advertising

Only billboard advertising disturbs even less (15 percent). Online advertising is the form most rejected by users. According to the result of 1013 interviews in the survey that represented Germany, pop-ups are the least accepted form of advertising. Overall, the level of all digital forms of advertising queried is significantly lower than that of the traditional media. Users were asked how useful, entertaining and annoying the advertising on a media channel was perceived. When it comes to entertainment value, TV advertising can score: While 66 percent are annoyed by TV advertising and 61 percent approve it, it is also the most entertaining form of advertising.

Newspaper advertising is thought of as interesting by 40 percent.


Classic advertising more popular than digital

Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are highly valued by the Germans: they are hardly ever annoying, but offer useful information, and in particular magazine advertisements are quite entertaining. Quite apart from the fact that one newspaper ad often is read by many different people in print.