Native advertising is a big opportunity

When done right, native advertising can be one of the biggest opportunities for publishers and brands alike. Traditional brand ads, both in print and online no longer interest consumers the way they used to. But what can make a native ad successful?


First of all, there is a fine line between catering to your advertisers’ commercial needs, and the audience’s wish for reliable and trustworthy journalism. Native advertising pushes the boundaries between the editorial and commercial sides of business, which can lead to discontent among some groups of readers. People do not like being lured into what they think will be a great article, only to find out that what they’re reading is purely a commercial for a specific brand or product. We need to be sharp on the stories we tell in our native advertisements, to make sure we don’t upset the readers and thus get the best results for our customers. Content (aka a great story) is king!


Tied in with this is the importance of labeling your native ads correctly. In order to reach budgets, some companies don’t label native ads as advertisements, thus blurring the lines between editorial and commercial content even more. However, this is a dangerous practice. Not labeling native ads, both on- and offline, alienates readers and will eventually cause them to turn against native advertising. Hence, we ALWAYS label our native ads with either ‘Advertorial’ or ‘Advertisement’.


Native advertising is becoming more and more popular and loads more publishers have started to use it. So it’s important to stand out. Get your customers to share interesting stories and make it more stimulating and entertaining with great pictures, online videos and/or infographics. Everything is possible, just make sure you deliver what your audience wants to read. Good native advertising shouldn’t feel like a hard sell – it’s rarely product focused. It carries out the brand’s identity, while fitting in perfectly with the editorial content surrounding it.


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