Communication during a crisis

As the days and weeks pass by we accept the crisis and living with the virus more and more. That is good, but companies can also use the crisis as a unique opportunity to take market shares. Hereby some good tips:

1. Don’t stop communicating. 
The show must go on – no matter if you are struggling with bad days or problems. People spend way more time with consuming news online and offline, Instagram, Facebook etc. than usual, so you have better chances to reach them and to interact with your taget group.

2. Adapt your communication and offer solutions.
Knowing the problems your clients and/or target groups are suffering from is fundamental for effective communication. You should be able to offer them solutions and help them through hard times. If that is not possible due to different reasons, it’s more important than ever to stay communicative and give them the feeling that they are not alone in this.

3. Be flexible.
Everyone who checks the news often notices that everything – the law, rules, economy and everything around us changes very often. Therefore the communication should also be flexible. It’s important to respond to the changes. Worst case would be to spread old information or unconfirmed rumours!

4. Stay focused. 
Stay true to your usual communication language and choose of words.
Your communication has to be trustworthy, and be careful in choosing the right channels to spread your message in, especially during a crisis.