Consumer trends in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, an interesting ‘whitepaper’ was published from the national consumer guide in cooperation with PostNL. In the research conducted the big question was do consumers find it important to be approached in a personal way by companies?

Companies are trying to approach us in a personal way, but is that still personal? The whitepaper tells us that nowadays people get information all the time. We spend a lot of our time on the internet and our phones and therefore the information load is non-stop. Just listening is for many people the solution, rather than reading another ad. Another problem that we face in the digital world is that we make contact easily, however the contact becomes more impersonal. We are connected with the world, but in reality, we feel lonelier than ever. Companies miss the ‘personal touch’ in their contact with their clients, because they strive for quick and efficient growth. Therefore, direct and personal messages with the client should be the norm again via email or mailbox.