It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

You might not believe it, but Christmas is right around the corner already. Brands right now are working on their Christmas strategies, but Christmas doesn’t look the same this year. What should they be thinking about?

Covid has changed the way in which we shop for Christmas. According to the British Retail Consortium, 40% of Christmas purchases made in September were made online. Google too reported that 39% of people planned to do their shopping mostly online, because they worry about crowded stores. These signals demonstrate that you should start marketing now and that our audience is online.

Most important for brands, is that they put themselves in the audience’s shoes in order to get found. Engage with your target audience and meet their needs. Their buying journey is not straightforward, and you can identify three types of Christmas shoppers. Those with a clear list, those with a rough list who still look for inspiration in store and online, and those who have no idea where to start, but gather those ideas while shopping. You can inspire those customers with your content.

Like with many other needs, we start looking for inspiration on Google. Google predictive text can therefore be a good indicator of what Christmas shoppers are looking for. You should be looking to attract; the right audience using the right channels and engage your audience in things that are of interest to them on. This leads to converting them into an action or buying a product.  Above all, your Christmas content should educate, inspire and entertain them, while addressing sales, but not doing the hard sell.

Make a good plan for your content, and make sure you maximise it. Content isn’t just about blogs, but also about video, e-mail marketing, targeted ads, social media and many other ways to engage customers. Target your customers by using content that engages, educates, inspires and engages them, and you’ll have those Christmas shoppers on your side in no time.