Mobile Gaming: A new way of Content Marketing

Smartphones – we cannot imagine our lives without them nowadays. It’s the most important device in our daily lives and we use it not only for calls and messages, but also for research, taking photos and gaming. In fact, the average German (age 18 to 24) takes a look at their smartphone 56 times a day.

Of course, marketeers already use this device for placing ads wherever they can and interrupt your research or whatever you’re doing on your phone in that moment. Nowadays, it’s getting more common to use digital games for placing ads and get the players’ attention as well. Every second a smartphone user in Germany uses digital games as a way to pass the time. Even if it’s just for a few minutes while waiting for the bus etc. People identify themselves with characters and missions and are so focused they almost forget the world around them. This screen-attention is very attractive for companies, so they use it in their marketing strategy. They’re placing ads in between different stages/rounds of the game, because people are so focused on the screen, they likely read the ad/content attentively. Companies are able to focus on specific target groups and potentially reach new customers. But here too it’s important to have a good story, because a good story will be remembered!