Print is important!

Four ways in which print-marketing can be useful

1. Awake customer interest: Digital products are more and more common, and customers try to avoid the huge amount of digital ads. The effect of that is that the customer is annoyed and loses trust in the brand. In print, they often make a conscious choice as to whether they want to read the article, advertorial etc. or not, instead of getting spam mails.

2. Gain a long-lasting good impression: The one thing that makes print different from other media, is the fact that the customer not only sees it but also feels it. Holding a newspaper and reading it, conveys a longer lasting impression. The “real” experience, that comes with print media, will stick to the brain and creates long-lasting memories.

3. Addition to digital products: Even though we talked about losing trust in the digital world, digital won’t simply disappear. So the ideal way to deal with it, is to combine print and digital and go for crossmedia. You can include for example a QR-Code in a brand-ad, so the readers see the printed ad but can also find out more about it on the web. This way the customer has the option to choose how they want to interact with a brand.

4. Lively campaigns: Print offers multiple chances to be creative with formats and material. There are various options to spread messages and create the content the customer wants to see.

In addition, a new research shows that print creates attention and trust:

Newspapers are the number 1 most reliable news source

The research by Panel Inzicht was conducted in June 2020 in The Netherlands amongst 1000 readers of magazines and/or newspapers in the age-group of 25-70 years. A similar research was held in 2017, therefore a good comparison can be made.

Let’s round it off with some numbers!
Experiencing newspapers
– Sixty-six percent of the readers felt relaxed while reading a newspaper
– Sixty-four percent talks to others about topics from the newspapers.
– Forty-nine percent experiences reading a newspaper as a little present for themselves
– Thirty-two percent develops a better understanding of themselves with the help of newspapers
– Sixty-three percent thinks that what they read is a valuable contribution to other media

Experiencing magazines
– Seventy-three percent really considers reading a magazine me-time
– Sixty-five percent gets inspired by his or her magazine
– Sixty-three percent thinks magazines are still current. In 2017 only fifty-one percent thought this
– Forty-one percent appreciates recommendations from magazines and thinks those suit to what they like themselves
– Also forty-one percent develops themselves better with the help of a magazine