Social media trends for 2021

If one thing is clear after 2020, it’s that a lot can change in one year. Predicting what the future will hold for us is therefore pretty hard. However, Talkwalker and Hubspot still asked seventy social media experts what the social media trends of 2021 will be. Here they are!

Back to the future
Old school marketing is becoming a trend. In insecure times we want to go back to the familiar, including the familiar methods that we know work well.

Nostalgia for more engagement
Playing cards or board games: during the lockdown we wanted to go back to the good old times. According to social media experts companies increase their engagement as soon as they go back to the ‘good old days’.

Bye bye fake news
In 2021 fake news is really not done. Therefore pay attention to whom you are working with, because this also influences your credibility.

What do you meme?
The use of memes is still rising: 55 percent of the people between 13 till 55 years old regularly communicate via memes.

Corona content
Unfortunately,  in 2021 we are not yet done with the coronavirus. Therefore, companies’ content needs to focus on that. And there are four rules that corona content need to adhere to: community, contactless, cleanliness and compassion.