The pros and cons of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the latest trends in the marketing field. Companies are using this trend to attract more attention and generate higher sales. many people think that influencers are always directly associated with “sponsored posts”, such as a picture with a product presentation on Instagram. But this is not the case: especially in the area of content marketing, companies take advantage of integrating influencers into their story and having this common content shared by the influencer. The difficulty is to find the right expert for the specific topic. It does not always have to be a very well-known and successful influencer with millions of followers. Especially micro-influencers with a smaller range often have a more clearly defined target group and a focus on a certain topic. This comes with a high level of competence and credibility.

Pros and cons of influencer marketing


  • Increasing brand awareness: The Influencer makes your brand more familiar with its values in social media.
  • Increasing reach: In addition to your own followers, you can extend your reach to the expert audience (very strongly) and thus easily and quickly expand your target group.
  • Basis of trust: Through the recommendation of the influencer, companies benefit from the strong basis of trust between the target group and the influencer, and thus automatically strengthen the trust in the brand and the company.
  • Expert status: Influencers enjoy a good reputation in their field. Shared content therefore also has a positive effect on the expert status of the company.
  • Not expensive: Since the expert also benefits from the jointly created content and the fact that they can show their expert status, they often won’t charge a fee.


  • Time factor: Finding the right expert that fits the topic best, will take time and a lot of research. But in the end the result should be positive.
  • Risk of credibility: If the influencer does not fit the theme, this can damage customer confidence in the brand.
  • Chain reaction in terms of image: If there are problems or controversies with the influencer, the image of the company may also be damaged.
  • Complicated measurement of success: Although sales goals are easy to understand through links, goals such as brand awareness, credibility etc. are often difficult to measure.