Our interns view on Content Marketing and Native Advertising

To us Content marketing is a strategy to create and distribute relevant content of great quality.
It has to consist of informative editorial content, rather than customer-oriented articles in order to reach the intended public – those in which we can accumulate a growing interest.
It’s a method that is to be used continuously to establish credibility, new customers, knowledge and, further on, loyal customers.

If a certain structure and quality is reached one will gain trust from the public and that will keep driving sales. If useful information is presented in an accessible way it will also be perceived as being useful by the receiver. If that information later on leads a customer into buying a related service or product, then the content marketing has had its intended effect.

Content marketing is a method in which the customer takes part in the content that is being consumed. As a complement, within content marketing itself, we have native advertising. You could say that native advertising is ads that remind of editorial content and blend in with their environment. If made with elegance and precision, especially in printed media, the consumer will not be disturbed by its commercial purpose and will continue to have a pleasing, informative experience.

Native advertising isn’t a buy-me-because-I’m-the-best type of marketing. It’s an informative way of marketing a service or product to the consumer by explaining why the consumer needs it. It’s a way of pulling the consumer into buying rather than a way of pushing a service or product onto him or her.