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European Media Partner is a leading award-winning content marketing agency, producing specialised cross-media campaigns. The campaigns, produced under the name “Analyse”, are distributed with the leading daily newspapers as well as online on our news and partner websites.

Since the start in 2012 we have grown to become a major player on the European market. With 2 offices across Europe our 50+ employees produce 100+ campaigns on a yearly basis. We are a young, fast growing company with a strong vision and aim to change and impact the European media landscape.

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Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that our customers’ messages reach and impact their target audience. In order to gain maximum attention and results, all of our campaigns are created from scratch with a high level of journalism and strict editorial guidelines. All campaigns are produced in-house by us and distributed via leading European media, such as daily newspapers, magazines and many of the leading news and industry websites.

A campaign from European Media Partner impacts hundreds of thousands of people and is an excellent way to reach a specific target group. We focus on content marketing and native advertising, combined with both print and online media as a cross-media solution, resulting in the highest return on investment for our clients.

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More than 2/3 of the target group observes and reads our content

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Almost half of the readers notice our campaigns and respond to them positively

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Due to refined processes, all our customers are satisfied

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European Media Partner was founded by Fredrik Thorsson and Jonathan Andersson in a small office in Malmö (Sweden). The idea was to distribute supplements in a leading daily newspaper. To give the supplement maximum attention, it was inserted in Sydsvenskan, the leading daily newspaper in the South of Sweden.

The two founders created the whole product themselves and realised that Content Marketing is a trending concept that works. Shortly after the first supplement was published, they took a decision to expand the operations in Sweden and to look towards the international market.

In February 2013, the first Project Managers were employed, and we moved into a larger office at Östergatan in Malmö (Sweden). In April, we were 12 employees and we moved to new, even larger offices at Stortorget in Malmö.

During the year, we published 36 themed supplements in Sweden via the daily newspaper Sydsvenskan. The supplements were about topics such as Property Development, Energy, Logistics, Health, Research and Development, Business Law, etc.

The company faced significant growth in Sweden and in April we opened an office in Hamburg (Germany). Simultaneously, we moved into new, larger premises at Hamngatan in Malmö (Sweden).

We expanded from being about 15 employees, at the end of 2013, to 60 employees in April 2014. Jonathan moved to Germany to set up the office there, while Fredrik remained in Sweden as we were expanding rapidly on the Swedish market. In Sweden, we started collaborating with new distribution partners such as Dagens industri, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter and Göteborgs-Posten.

We published over 100 themed supplements that year. By the end of 2014 we were one of the leading players on the market in Sweden.

The company expanded in Germany and the German office moved into new premises at Neuer Wall in the centre of Hamburg.

During the year, we invested heavily in developing products for the digital market. The company went from offering “only” a print product to also offering digital online solutions to our customers. After a lot of test rounds, we launched our first campaign sites.

We were now creating cross-media campaigns (print and online). The first step was to build separate websites for each campaign and fill them with content about the topic.

We created and distributed nearly 200 campaigns throughout the year and were about 80 employees in the entire corporate group. We now had more than 60 different topics for our special interest campaigns.

At the beginning of the year we decided to expand by opening an office in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Jonathan moved there, together with two employees from the Swedish office, to start up the operations.

After more testing, we saw that the cross-media campaigns were well received by our clients and we began to offer our customers more digital complements to the print campaign. We understood that the combination of print and digital was an important step for the future, therefore additional and considerable investments in the digital products were being made.

A major focus during the latter part of 2016 was on improving our layout and editorial concepts, both in print and digital. This lead to our products now being distributed under the name of “ANALYSE”, to further emphasize the topic, and help our customers further build their brands and reach out to new and established clients.

The “Analyse” concept is now established on all our markets, both in print and online. We continued to work on our mission – to be the leading producer and distributor of specialised media campaigns on all our markets.

European Media Partner Sverige was nominated for the big Publishing Prize (Publishingpriset) for best supplement in Sweden. We didn’t win but came third which was fantastic news for us! It showed we were making quality products and create content with a purpose.

In 2018 we worked heavily on improving our workflow and making our operations smoother and ready for further expansions. In the Netherlands we started working with Het Algemeen Dagblad, the biggest newspaper in the country.

The Dutch office grew significantly in 2018, leading us to look for a bigger office, which we found on the Keizersgracht. We moved in at the end of 2018.

We finally won our first award – the Swedish Publishing Price for the category best print supplement.

From the Netherlands office we published our first two print campaigns on the Belgian market.

By the end of the year we launched our new layout for the printed publications and it was received well by partners, clients and our employees.

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