The power of Cross Media

How many and which channels did you use today to inform yourself and stay up to date? Probably not just one or two.

It starts with checking the mobile phone in the morning. Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn is waiting for all of us. You continue on with reading the daily newspaper during the lunch break.

Maybe we spend the evening watching TV and checking Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn again before going to sleep. We use a lot of channels every day, so for us as marketing experts it makes perfect sense to use all of them to reach as many people as possible and also to reach them not only once, but several times to make sure that the product stays in their minds.

But to succeed, we need to pay attention to certain things:

The leading idea: What is my campaign about and what do I want people to remember?

What channels should I use? Of course we use the daily newspaper in the first place, but in addition to that we share the E-paper and articles online for those who don’t know what a newspaper is anymore. And because we’re starfuckers, we also share content on social media – here’s what you should consider: people on LinkedIn expect different content than users of Facebook, so make sure you share the content that is relevant for the people you want to reach.

Different Channel, same message – stay with the heart/key of the campaign and spread the message.

Think as your target group: they and also all of us use different channels for different reasons – some for entertainment, some for communication and some for information. That’s why you should use different aspects of language, special vocabulary and different tones, but always positive ones, sure.