We have been nominated!

We are happy to announce that our Swedish office have been nominated to the big Publishing Prize – Svenska Publishingpriset – for best print supplement. And guess what – this is the second time in a row!

This is from last year when we ended up runner up third.

This is good news and shows that our products are great and of superior quality. To be nominated you need to meet certain criteria:
– Design
– Text content
– Visual content
– Print, Repro, choose of paper

The nominated campaign is ”Analys Almedalen” which is a special campaign we do once a year during the biggest political meeting in Sweden. So the content is about big society topics such as Health care, Industry, Business, MedTech, etcetera.

In this edition we got all of our political leaders to participate and Sofi (the Campaign Manager) showed us what a good research, high activity level and a killer attitude can do. The Content Studio in Sweden did as always a great job with the proofreading, layout and writing.

Here is a link to the campaign: