Content with a purpose

European Media Partner works transboundary with content marketing and native advertising on different platforms.

We create digital and print-based campaigns under the name ”Analysis”, with valuable and engaging content, that is distributed to a relevant target group in order to help businesses grow.

By telling stories with a meaning and purpose we build relations between companies and their existing and new customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is editorial communication distributed to a relevant audience at the right time. The intention is to create and maintain customer relationships, which means that the content that is published must be understood as valuable and relevant to the target audience. It cannot be only about yourself, it has to consist of relevant information to add value to your customers. If you do it correctly, you will break through the noise and create content that people want to consume.


Our campaigns consists of Print, Digital and Native under the name ANALYSIS.

Neuromarketing studies shows that a combination of physical and digital advertising gives the best effect and is also the reason why we have chosen this distribution.

Our campaigns will be published and distributed via the biggest morning papers with relevant content of highest quality and on one of our five different campaign sites and on Social Media the same day.  

This allows our customers to have different messages and ad format on different platforms with one thing in common – engaging and relevant content with great impact.

Analysis Print

All our print campaigns reach and impact hundreds of thousands of readers via Europe’s leading daily newspapers. The target groups we reach via the daily newspapers are extremely broad – we influence decision makers in the sectors covered by the topic of the publication, as well as educate readers about a topic of general interest. The campaigns must be engaging and create motion and interest that will lead to action. All content is written by journalists with special expertise within different topics.

Analysis Digital

Through our five digital platforms you will be able to control your advertising and target a specific audience that has interest in your message. By spreading your ad on our websites you make sure you will be seen in a relevant digital forum.

A full report on amount of readers and origin will be delivered after the end of the campaign. Together with print you will get maximum impact.

Our Campaigns


Analysis Lifestyle

All you need to know about Travel, Food, Drinks, Housing, Interior, Sports, Leisure and much more.

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Analysis Economy

Are you interested in Finance, Business, Digitalisation and Import and Export this is the place for you.

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Analysis Health

E-Health, Health care, Medical innovations, Patient security are just some of the main topics under this segment.

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Analysis Society

Building development, Environment, Recycling, Logistics, Infrastructure are the main topics we discuss here.

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Analysis Industry

This is the place where we talk about Technology, Development, Mining, Packaging, Automation and IoT.

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Analysis Native

Every company has a story to tell. Through Native Advertising you get the opportunity to reach out with your story to engaged and relevant readers. It is an ad format that makes it possible for you to tailor your message and reach the right target audience. How? Through our niche cross media campaigns on both print and digital platforms you reach out with your message and get maximum impact.

If you can´t get enough of us and would like to know more please contact us.