Why Infographics?

Consumers are faced with nonstop impressions throughout the day. We are constantly overexposed with commercials, sales, offers, news, social media, entertainment etc. It’s actually been estimated that most Americans are exposed to the crazy large amount of 4.000 to 10.000 ads each day! Therefore, our brain automatically blocks most of these impressions out. In other words – it’s not an easy job for companies to reach their target group with their message. It has to stand out, be easily absorbable and engaging to the audience. So how can we do that?


The human brain process visual information faster than other kinds of information. In fact, we forget a large amount of what we’ve read, but remember what we’ve seen. Neurological research show that humans are highly visual animals who can absorb information faster when it’s combined with corresponding pictures. So, when I now explain what infographics really are, some of the pieces may fall into place. Infographics is complex information, data and knowledge that are presented graphic visually to make the information easier to absorb.


To find out how efficient infographics truly are, Infographic World did a survey on 100 businesses and 1.100 consumers. Among the highlights in the report was the fact that consumers prefer infographics over commercials, presentations, articles and blog posts. 61% of the people found infographics to be a far more efficient way to understand and remember information. Maybe not too surprising based on the fact that 90% of all the information humans remember, is based on visual impact.


The survey found that 56% of the businesses have used infographics, and of those who used it the past year 84% found it to be efficient. Most of these businesses believe infographics are an essential tool that they will continue using. The research also found that 84% of businesses use infographics for marketing reasons, 70% for sales reasons, and 59% for internal communication. Nearly three-quarters of marketers rely on visuals in their social media messaging.


It’s pretty clear that all the facts here are in favor of infographics as a central part of businesses marketing tool. Everybody has a story to tell or a product/service to promote. Infographics is a unique way to make consumers understand and remember your message in a way that virtually no other media can.


Read the whole report here.